Systems Design

We don’t just see lighting fixtures, cameras and video projectors. We see the big picture. Our goal is to help you to realize the entire plan and have the technology fit in as a part of the whole. From sight lines to acoustic treatments, from seating and traffic flow to lighting effects and projection systems, we want to fit the whole picture together, including the aesthetics. We listen to your vision and help you fit the equipment and planning into the overall long term plans of your organization.

What do we do? That depends on you. We are able to draw up plans and bid specifications designed to meet your budget, then take them out to bid. If you want us to just design the systems and install them then we can do that too. Many of our clients who start with having us draw up plans end up having us install in the end. Our ultimate goal is to be your partner in planning for the long term. Talk to us and we can find the right fit for your needs.