National City Bank Half Time Giveaway Show at Cleveland Browns Stadium

National City Bank had a great marketing idea…give away a million dollars in prizes, including a house, new kitchen renovation and cash during halftime at the Cleveland Browns Stadium. Taking their commercial theme of “Life is a Highway”, we pulled together a show that kept the crowd involved. Creating a carpet to show a perspective view of a highway disappearing into the distance and a marching band to play their theme music, were the foundation for a reverse raffle. Contestants had the opportunity to win one of several prizes, culminating in a $500,000 grand prize home.
The real trick to this show was to meet the demands of a professional football field and broadcast schedule. In order to meet the demands, everything for the program had to enter and exit the field within fifteen minutes, and still provide a quality show for the audience of 70,000 spectators. The demands of a groundskeeper for a field in the NFL are grueling! Above all else was the need to provide the client with the exposure and recognition for which the bank had spent months and millions of dollars. This was the result — another great show and some very happy winners!

USANA Health Sciences


How did we do it? Start with great sound. Not sound to make your ears bleed like a rock concert, but sound with the same intensity and clarity. What the leaders of USANA have to say to the crowd is the motivation for their team, so driving the intensity of the event, and hearing what they have to say is essential to success. Next you need great video. With a crowd this size creating intimacy is driven in part by the audience feeling up close and personal with the presenters on the stage. Not everyone can be in the front row, but creating the feeling that they are is what draws them close. The right cameras, plenty of screens and good lighting pull together to make anyone in the room, from the front to the back, feel like they matter to the presenter on the stage. The information that they have to share must be clear, so the visuals are essential as well, all relying on the best projection systems available. Projection is also essential to having a portion of the crowd needing sign language. Although they could have been relegated to sit in an area together, USANA wanted them to sit with their own groups, not isolated. So we added some screens and put the sign language translator in a place for all of the room to see. The other language translations were the easy part…if you can call translations for five languages easy, but through the use of the latest technology, each translation was heard, and the visuals seen, in each of their own languages.

But to add to the excitement we needed to create an atmosphere that reduced the size of the room without looking ominous and obtrusive. Elegant set pieces, lit properly with the ability to change the look for each change in presentation were the answer, but doing them for this scale of a space is a challenge. The pictures below show the results, but to be fair they do not truly do the room justice. As always, the challenge was to continue this drive year after year as the company would grown and change, which is part of the fun of what we do.

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